Mission & Purpose

Being of Service and Uniting the Light

The mission of Samana Point is to serve as a community in which women who are dedicated to self-mastery and service to humanity may support one another in attaining these goals. It is a network of like-minded women who feel their purpose is to help align life on Earth with Love. They demonstrate this in various ways, using healing work, art, music, dance, and counseling, to name a few.

Levels of Involvement

Samana Point has members that all participate how ever much is comfortable to them. Some live in Emerald Grove eco-village and participate fully, building structures, learning communication skills, gardening, cooking, sharing and supporting each other. Some have families and full-time jobs in town, so they come to workshops on the weekends and communicate with the others through Facebook. Some are aspiring professional dancers, healers and artists teaching their skills to interested ladies. Some might travel and live on the road, stopping in for weeks at a time and offering their help in the garden or with the livestock.

Self-Empowerment in Community

Women of all walks of life are welcome to join this grid of light workers. It is a model of how women can empower each other and embrace their own Love. By being part of this community, each one may learn about themselves in a safe environment which is focused on acceptance of past and present, allowing change, embracing personal transformation and integration with one’s Higher Self.

Emerald Grove Health and Wellness Center

At the Health and Wellness Center the Samana Point community members offer many types of healing and bodywork. From massage and Reiki to herbalism and hypnosis, healing is available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. It is a healing sanctuary including a meditation room, an extensive shared library of books pertaining to natural health, spirituality and sustainability, and all kinds of healing tools to use.

Classes and Workshops

There is also a community space in which classes and workshops are held. This is where the magic happens. As women come together and share their passions, passion is ignited in the hearts of others. Classes at Emerald Grove cover myriad topics including natural building, wild herb and mushroom foraging, fermentation and canning, permaculture, tincture making, holistic nutrition, healthy cooking, Ayurveda, Emotional Freedom Technique, hoop and fire dancing, belly dance, fiber arts, painting, stained glass and jewelry making, tai chi, martial arts, qi gong, and nonviolent communication. Classes are also offered on a sliding scale with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Alternative Currency

Emerald Grove frequently uses trade, bartering and gifting in order to acquire everything it needs. We believe that the Universe is abundant and as long as humans learn to steward the Earth responsibly, the planet will feed and house everyone. We hold workshops to help enlighten people and teach them how to live in harmony with nature.

The residents strive to vote with their money in town, keeping the local economy alive by feeding their wealth back into it. Items which can’t be produced by the village may be obtained through outside sources, always keeping in mind how the item was processed and how far it had to travel to arrive at the store.

Residents utilize a time bank system in which they log hours of work and receive credits towards other goods or services they need. In this way, standard currency eventually becomes obsolete and people learn to rely on each other to fulfill their needs. Emerald Grove is a model for the gift economy and other radical methods of energy exchange.