Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I get involved?
  • A: Please contact us at cocreativelivingfoundation@gmail.com and learn how you can become part of our community.
  • Q: Where is the land?
  • A: Emerald Grove is currently still in the planning phase.  We are working on establishing ourselves as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization before acquiring any land.  This is important because legal structuring can affect land taxes and other key elements of the village.  We are starting to look at properties and are refining what we want our land to look like.  We are also considering putting the land into a Trust to support the conservation of native plants, animals and clean water.
  • Q: How will the land be acquired?
  • A: Ideally, the land would be donated or loaned to us for our village.  We are preparing a business plan which details our financial requirements and projected outlook to present to potential angel investors.  Once we have our non-profit tax-exempt status, we will begin accepting donations and applying for grants.
  • Q: Where does the healing happen until there is an eco-village?
  • A: Emerald Grove Health and Wellness Center currently operates out of Margot Rawlinson’s healing studio in downtown Eugene.  Here, a number of gatherings are hosted and private and group healing sessions are held.  This space is available for local healers to use for a small fee.  Please contact Margot for further information.
  • Q: Why is Samana Point just for women? Why isn’t there a community just for men?
  • A: Emerald Grove started out as a community that was specifically designed for female light workers.  When the two directors of the village first met, the vision then expanded to encompass a second, co-ed portion of the village in addition to the original women-only portion.  If the men of Emerald Grove wish to develop a men’s community one day, we would be thrilled.  It’s just not the focus of this particular village at this time.
  • Q: Who will build the structures?
  • A: Emerald Grove is intended to be a true community where neighbors can rely on each other to come and help with such tasks as building houses and other structures.  This is how it’s done in Europe and we shall follow suit.  We will also hold workshops where participants can gain hands-on knowledge of natural building methods and permaculture.
  • Q: How long would residents stay in the village?  Is there a minimum or maximum stay length?
  • A: Residents would begin their stay at Emerald Grove by arranging a short visit.  They would then be able to arrange a longer stay, and if they decide they would like to take up permanent residence there, the community would come together and discuss it before coming to a final decision.  There would not be a maximum stay length (unless of course ownership of the land changed, or some other outside force made it impossible to stay.)
  • Q: How are residents chosen to live in Emerald Grove?
  • A: Initially, the founders will be responsible for choosing people to form the core of the village.  We have a questionnaire for interested parties and an application process each member will follow.  After a solid group of full-time residents has formed, they will then employ a full consensus type of organization to decide which applicants best fit the community.  There will be a constitution written by the group which will define in detail the intentions of the village and requirements for each resident who joins the community.
  • Q: What about residents doing business together, selling crafts, making food, or teaching fitness classes, for instance?
  • A: While Emerald Grove will employ the gift economy whenever possible in preparation for similar shifts on the world stage, it also encourages creative free enterprise.  We understand this is still a world that operates in a money economy, and therefore strive to demonstrate how abundance manifests in many forms and gratefully share our wealth with each other and the world.  We use our money consciously by supporting local businesses and using it for anthropological or other charitable purposes.  We work to lessen the divide between haves and have nots, caring for each person as a sister or brother.
  • Q: What will the relationship of the village be to the surrounding area?  Is it meant to be isolated from the rest of the world?  If not, how are residents’ lives integrated with the outside world?
  • A: Emerald Grove will be intricately involved with the surrounding communities in many ways.  As Emerald Grove is a community founded by healers, the Emerald Grove Health and Wellness Center will become a central forum where resident healers will interact with visitors.  Residents can teach classes and volunteer or hold jobs in town, and work toward bringing people together in positive ways.

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