Our Agreements*

  1. We make harmonious living among Earth and her inhabitants our primary focus.

  2. We serve as a model for other communities to emulate.

  3. We strive to be impeccable with our words and thoughts, creating our lives by deliberate intent.

  4. We practice non-violent communication and group decision-making.

  5. We honor and respect each other’s privacy.

  6. We listen to our bodies and choose to eat foods that nourish us.

  7. We support each other in releasing unhealthy habits.

  8. We are always finding and implementing ways to improve our health and well-being.

  9. We make sometimes uncomfortable lifestyle changes in the name of sustainable living.

  10. We value the social aspects of living in community and participate fully.

  11. We keep our environment clean and beautiful, leaving things nicer than we found them.

  12. We are always learning.

  13. We enjoy teaching what we are most passionate about.

  14. We learn about ourselves through spending time in community.

  15. We use a gift economy, bartering, and alternate forms of currency.

  16. We strive to balance spirituality and materialism in the present moment.

  17. We attend two business meetings per month.

  18. Urgent matters will be addressed by a committee meeting first, then brought to the whole community for final decision.

  19. Together with the group, we decide how we each will contribute to our community.

  20. We maintain an open mind and aim to be conscious of our beliefs.

*These agreements are constantly evolving along with our group.