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Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals to thrive in a sustainable community setting through a shared focus on optimal health, creativity, Earth stewardship, increased Self-awareness and peaceful living.

Help Us Grow

Emerald Grove is an aspiring intentional community and sustainable ecological-village currently forming in Springfield, Oregon.  We are in the process of gathering the tribe, learning to live peacefully together and in the future we may pursue non-profit status.  We are fine tuning our vision documents as our collective dream develops.

 Building Community

The main focus of Emerald Grove is fostering optimum health and well-being for individuals and the planet.  We take actions to live toxin-free, voting with our dollars and being mindful of the products we use and their impact on all of life.

Emerald Grove is dedicated to modeling and teaching a simple, natural, balanced lifestyle and providing healing to the public.  We are learning to master self-love as a step towards self-realization and better relationships.  We honor the Divinity in all of Creation and celebrate it in our own unique ways.  We come together to support each other in self-development.

We are experimenting with alternative ways of living.  We are learning to be more self-sufficient and taking control of the quality of the food we eat and the medicines we use.  We are learning how nature assists us in healing when we take time to listen to our bodies, nurture them, and give them what they need.

A Multi-faceted, Inclusive Community

People with other gifts than healing may also become community members, as this is a multi-faceted undertaking and there will be many jobs to do.  Our community will include those skilled in permaculture, organic farming, aquaponics, natural building, woodworking, sustainable energy infrastructures, art, music, dance, cooking, co-counseling, yoga, qi gong, IT and more.

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Current Events

We have 2 open positions for resident members at Emerald Grove.  If you can imagine yourself going with our flow and complementing our collaborative lifestyle, reach out to us and we will explore this opportunity further.  Please email cocreativelivingfoundation@gmail.com and we will send you an application form to complete. 


We are currently accepting volunteer applications with various positions available.  Contact us if you would like to know more about participating.  

We need: Builders, electricians, plumbers, solar techs

Project: 6’x10′ Tiny Bath House on Wheels

Our village embraces individuality and appreciates every level of involvement by community members.  The best way to get involved is to spend some work days here and get to know us.  Show us your stuff and let’s build a working relationship so we can serve other people.  Waiver forms required to be on the job site. 

What unique skills would you like to contribute to the cause of creating a peaceful, supportive community and village where Love wins?

Donations Welcome

We are grateful for your help in funding our healing activities, future eco-village development and attainment of non-profit status by clicking the link below.  If you’d like more information first, please contact Margot Rawlinson directly.